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We are located in San Mateo as well as Redwood City.

Hazel offers her clients a classic, Swedish style massage with varying pressure depending on each clients needs. Pressure can be light and extremely relaxing, to firm and deep to enable the easing of tension and stress from specific areas.

Reflexology treatments work on the whole body by stimulating the reflex points on the feet and/ or hands that relate to all systems and organs, releasing disturbed energies from all parts of the body to restore the natural state of well-being. Reflexology is not a foot 'massage', oils and lotions are not applied, but the foot is massaged initially to warm and relax the tissues and stimulate the blood supply to the area. Compression techniques are used to clear congestion in the form of deposits that have not been cleared by blood and lymph. A Reflexology treatment can be both stimulating and relaxing. Muscle tensions are relaxed and nerves freed from restrictions, circulations of blood and lymph are promoted to bring nutrients and remove waste from all parts. Energy is able to flow more freely and feelings of total well- being result!

In an Aromatherapy session you will be asked a short medical history and oils will be specifically blended for you.You will then receive a classical relaxing style massage using one of these oils. You will receive two bottles for you to use, one as a massage oil to gently rub with a circular motion to absorb the oil into your skin. The other is stronger and can be used in hot (or cold) compresses, in a bath, as a vaporizer or steam inhaler. Enjoy!

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